Dispute Resolution

The Market Rules contain a process that facilitates the resolution of disputes. This process is managed by the Dispute Resolution Counsellor (DRC) should a dispute arise between market participants or service providers. This dispute resolution process is designed to be a cost-effective way of resolving disputes and preserving market relationships by avoiding the need to resort to court proceedings.

The Market Assessment Unit (MAU) of EMC provides support to the DRC.

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Dispute Resolution Counsellor

The DRC is appointed by the EMC Board. The DRC is responsible for the effective operation of the dispute resolution process. The DRC plays a central role in the process and makes appointments to the dispute resolution and compensation panel, from which mediators and arbitrators are selected. The MAU of EMC assists the DRC in facilitating dispute resolution.

In the dispute resolution process, the DRC:

  • helps people to become familiar with the dispute resolution process,
  • assists market participants in setting up dispute management systems by issuing guidance notes,
  • acts as a case manager in monitoring disputes and guiding disputants to resolve issues through the dispute resolution process, and
  • considers requests to extend time limits prescribed for the dispute resolution process. 

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Dispute Resolution and Compensation Panel
The Dispute Resolution and Compensation Panel consists of a mediation panel and an arbitration panel. The DRC appoints people to serve on the panels and also appoints members of the mediation panel to act as mediators for specific disputes. The DRC only appoints arbitration tribunals from the arbitration panel when disputants do not make their own appointments from the arbitration panel.

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