Industry Working Group 1
(IWG 1) - Resource Adequacy

IWG 1 was tasked by the MAP to study and analyse issues around resource adequacy and the EMA’s proposed Forward Capacity Market (FCM). The working group set out to review the proposed FCM design and make recommendations to the EMA before the high-level design of the FCM is finalised in late 2020.

The working group has completed its review. Its report has been endorsed by the MAP and submitted to the EMA on 26 Oct 2020.

To assist IWG1 in its work, EMC also engaged AFRY Management Consulting (AFRY) to conduct an independent review of the EMA’s proposed FCM design, with the intent of improving it to better suit Singapore’s context. IWG 1 generally agreed with AFRY’s assessment and used the output of the review to make its recommendations to the EMA.

The IWG1’s report and AFRY’s review are attached below:

Industry Working Group 1's Final Report to the EMA

AFRY's Review of the Proposed Forward Capacity Market for Singapore

Industry Working Group 2
(IWG 2) - Integration of new and emerging technologies in NEMS

IWG 2 was tasked by the MAP to examine issues relating to the integration of new and emerging technologies in the NEMS, as well as to propose feasible solutions to the EMA that will facilitate the integration of these technologies into the NEMS.

Work in this area is still ongoing.