Governance of Market Advisory Panel

The flow chart on the right illustrates the governance process guiding the work of the MAP.

The MAP does not vote on issues but strives towards building consensus for recommendations. All recommendations, as well as points of disagreement, are recorded and submitted to the EMA or the RCP for consideration.

The MAP is supported by industry working groups (IWGs) to undertake studies and make recommendations on the priority areas identified for the NEMS.

In an industry forum held in 2019[1], two priority areas were identified – resource adequacy and the integration of emerging technologies

[1] A CEO Forum for the industry was held in March 2019 to identify key issues or topics impacting the NEMS. Out of the five key issues/topics identified – resource adequacy, integration of emerging technologies, access to flexible resources, demand participation and securing financial integrity – two were subsequently shortlisted as priority areas for the NEMS.