Our Packages
Package A: Power Market Information
Real-time Power Market Data
Data subscribers have online access to real-time energy prices (Uniform Singapore Energy Price and market network node prices) and forecast data. 

Specifically, they can view forecast demand, system transmission losses, security constraints and energy, reserve and regulation prices on a half-hourly basis.

Data subscribers have access to the past 16 months of real-time data, and the past 1 week of forecast data.

Offer Data
EMC publishes a delayed offer stack. This is compiled from all effective energy, reserve and regulation offers for a particular half-hour dispatch period, and sums the total offered quantity (MW) for each unique offer price ($/MWh).

The delayed offer stack for a particular day (D) is published on D + 28 days.

Data subscribers have access to 16 months of delayed offer stack data.
Market Trading Reports

EMC prepares market trading reports for the power market on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Market trading reports are available exclusively to market participants and data subscribers.

The daily report offers information on significant events, provisional price periods, combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) maintenance status, and explanations for price trends for the day.

In the weekly and monthly reports, subscribers can find detailed commentaries on demand, supply and prices. The commentaries come with accompanying charts and the latest industry news.

Highlights include:

  • Monthly market summary and forecast outlook
  • Energy market share for generators and retailers, and ancillary market share for generators and interruptible load
  • Offer capacity trends
  • Generation plant utilisation rates
  • Planned and ad-hoc generation maintenance levels

Data subscribers have access to market trading reports from the current year and last year.

Duration Monthly Rate
4 Months S$1,199.00
12 Months S$1,035.50

Package B: Power System Information
Power System Data
Data subscribers have access to information regarding the power system operations, including system adequacy reports and generation outage plans.
Real Time Advisory Notice
Data subscribers have access to real-time advisory notices on a variety of market situations, including energy, reserve and regulation shortfalls, and generator and transmission equipment outages.

Data subscribers have access to the past 16 months of advisory notices.
Duration Monthly Rate
4 Months S$697.60
12 Months S$599.50

Package C: Gas Market & System Information 
Gas System Data
Data subscribers have access to gas curtailment plans, which provide aggregated gas curtailment information to commercial generation companies to facilitate their operational responses.
Duration Monthly Rate
4 Months S$119.90
12 Months S$87.20

Package D: Historical Information
Historical Information

Data subscribers can also purchase certain sets of historical information. These data sets complement subscription packages A to C for a comprehensive view of the wholesale market.

Information is provided on a portable data storage device, with data available in text format and reports available in PDF format.

The data sets available for purchase on a yearly basis are:

  1. Power Market Data (real-time data only, forecast data not available)
  2. Offer Data
  3. Market Trading Reports
  4. Power System Data
  5. Advisory Notices
  6. Gas System Data
Data Item Cost of Selected 1 Year of Data
Power Market Data S$2,507.00
Offer Data S$2,180.00
Market Trading Reports S$1,199.00
Power System Data S$1,199.00
Advisory Notices S$2,071.00
Gas System Data S$272.50

More Information on Our Packages
Bundle Rate
A 12-month subscription to Packages A, B and C will entitle you to a 10% discount at a monthly rate of S$1,526.00 (inclusive of GST).
Data Catalogue
Features and information on Data Subscription Packages
Access to Subscribed Data
Online access to the subscribed data will be given when you subscribe to Packages A, B or C.

  • 4-month package(s) are entitled to 2 user accounts
  • 12-month package(s) are entitled to 3 user accounts
Each Data Subscriber (i.e. Company) will be entitled to no more than 3 user accounts, regardless of the number of packages signed up for. Additional user accounts will incur a S$381.50 (inclusive of GST) charge per user account.

All rates are in Singapore dollars and inclusive of the prevailing GST rate. Information is valid at time of printing.
Terms and Conditions
For more information on the Data Subscription Service, please contact us at [email protected].