On behalf of and at the request of the Power System Operator (PSO), EMC procures, primarily through contracts, certain physical services that are needed to maintain reliable system operations but are not offered on real-time markets.

The principal contracted ancillary services that EMC may procure are:

  • reactive support and voltage control service,
  • black-start capability,
  • fast-start services, and
  • reliability must-run services.

Financing Framework For Procurement of Ancillary Services issued on 15 September 2020

Financing Framework for Procurement of Ancillary Service

Ancillary Services Contract Agreement

Ancillary Services Contract Agreement

With EMC granted derogation from Section of Chapter 5 of the Market Rules, EMC can procure ancillary services contract of any duration deemed appropriate by PSO. Henceforth, in consultation with the PSO, EMC shall start procuring the following Contracted Ancillary Services, details of which are tabled below:

Fast-start service 1

Expression Of Interest to provide fast-start ancillary service issued on 10 November 2023, submission should reach EMA by no later than 24 November 2023

Expression Of Interest to provide Fast Start Ancillary Service

Request for Proposal fast-start ancillary service, submission should be submitted no later than 3.00PM (Singapore time) on 1 March 2024

Request for Proposal Fast Start Ancillary Service Version 2.0

Response to Queries issued by EMA on 13 February 2024

Response to Queries

EMA has issued the Letter of Award for the RFP on 29 April 2024

Fast-start service 2

The 9 key requirements of the ancillary service to be procured

Ancillary Service Key Requirements