How is a rule change proposed?

Any interested party may propose a rule change and an on-line form is provided for rule change proposals. The template requires:

  • a reference to the rule you seek to modify,
  • the suggested change to the rule,
  • the reasons for your proposal and
  • an assessment of the impact of your proposal on various classes of market participants and consumers.

Completed templates must be submitted to EMC, the secretariat arm of the Rules Change Panel (RCP). EMC may request that the person submitting the proposed modification provide further particulars about the proposal.

You may also submit a rule change proposal using your own format. However, you must use the headings outlined above as the framework for your proposal. Please provide as much detail as possible to substantiate your proposal.

How will the Rules Change Panel consider your proposal?

EMC will help the RCP prioritise the various proposals it receives. The principle used to prioritise the various proposals is to assess the impact of the proposal on the:

  • reliability and security of the power supply system,
  • structural and financial integrity of the electricity market,
  • operational integrity of the market and
  • operational efficiency of the market.
What is the process for deciding rule changes?

After your proposal is submitted, the following process will occur:

  • EMC (acting as a secretariat to the RCP) may request more information to ensure that the RCP only considers complete proposals.
  • Proposals that are to be considered by the RCP are published on this website. Interested parties are invited to comment on the proposed changes.
  • The RCP considers proposals and other comments and may recommend that the EMC board support a change to the Market Rules.
  • When the RCP’s recommended change differs materially from that proposed, the party filing the proposal may lodge an additional submission within seven business days of the publication of the proposed change.
  • The EMC Board considers the RCP reports and may recommend that the EMA ratifies a change to the Market Rules.
  • EMC tracks the status of all pending changes.