Our Mission, Values & Brand
EMC is the formula for energy market liberalisation and the way ahead.
Our Mission
Building successful energy markets

Our Values
We are driven by our corporate values:

We value diversity, teamwork, resourcefulness and open communication.
Positive Attitude
We approach our work with commitment, energy, enthusiasm and an open mind.
We aim to be ethical, impartial, fair and responsible in all our dealings.
Customer Service
We are committed to customer satisfaction.
We seek new ways to enhance our operations and services.
Our Brand
Our brand is intended to communicate the principles of professionalism, cost-efficiency and transparency.
Our Logo & Tagline
Our logo evokes the flow of energy back and forth between the points of the letters E (energy) and M (market). As the C (company), EMC is the catalyst between energy and the market. 

The tagline shows our commitment in building a resilient and sustainable energy market.